Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wandering Aimlessly About a Changing Backdrop of Faux Scenery

I have tried to stay away from thinking too deeply about the Oil Disaster.  I find it quite depressing on so many levels.  Have seriously contemplating taking some time off to go down and help clean animals, but I know that if I finally made it down there I would never leave. Course I am not discounting going either ... thoughts ...

I don't know what is worse ... the fact that the disaster has happened ... the Corporate Greed that created this horrifying nightmare ... the blind eye of Government Interest ... or the public and private reactions ... the division, the arguments, the trauma ... and the complete obliviousness to the obvious.  Why are people still arguing over response times, who does what, who hasn't done that, won't consider this ... who cares???? People are devastated and ... get over the politics.  Get over the strings that are being pulled to evoke emotion, we are all of the same race, the same population and the cleanup of this disaster belongs to everyone.  The Greed that has fueled the love affair with gas-guzzling SUVs and the like shoulder just as much responsibility as those who holler Drill Baby Drill.  Are you serious??

It goes well beyond the superficial addiction ... we have been conditioned as Pavlov's Dogs ... but have we given any thought to the hand ringing the bell??? We salivate for reasons fermented in false reliance ... similar to anxiously waiting for Santa to show up, only to learn that he does not exist ... problem being, the public has yet to learn that the "reasons" they acquaint with our fuel dependency are just as mythical as the jolly man in the velvety, plush red suit ... and more exploitive than the seasonal employment of elves ...

But that aside, the way I see it, if you have nothing constructive to contribute, keep your "incite-full" opinions muted.  But that is merely opinion. I dunno ... everyone IS entitled to their opinion, but in a time of crisis, if the words being spoken have no real value to invoke constructive action then they are merely a waste of energy and time.  

It is everywhere.  In all the recent events we've witnessed be they good, bad, indifferent, there is a plot at work, a subplot writhing beneath the surface of that plot and a master plan nudging, coaxing, bribing both plots onward ... And these are not Christian Soldiers ...

Arguments overseas regarding the placement of a crucifix, debate over the 10 commandments in courthouses across this nation ... and do you hear of any yelping over the positioning of a pentacle anywhere?? Of course not.  And yet, there are those who still derive immense amusement and implied moral gratification by acting out their compulsions to save the souls of others through the application of guilt, fear, intimidation, and threats when the fate of their own soul is jeopardized by the inherent hypocrisy of the speech spewed by their forked tongues and the violence inflicted by their wagging fingers.  Alas, I have fallen back when I should continue forward.  My apologies.  

We have evolved slightly enough to no longer burn people at the stake (physically anyway) but there are still standards in place that one does not question or defile.  We pride ourselves of being a people of acceptance and opportunity.  Opportunity, sure.  Acceptance, not so much.  We have half-heartedly allowed the religious differences to quietly shuffle off in different directions of quite acceptance and a truce-like stance ... leave my god out of this and I too shall not taunt yours ... However, such courteous agreements have not been offered in the wake of the Immigration Production.  Especially now.  Though religion has established a Working Foundation, we continue to wobble on the fence over racial and ethnic acceptance as they are precariously balanced opposite moral responsibility and humanitarianism.  Some individuals poking others with forceful fingers and words to see if they shall fall.  Teetering, the poking and verbal assaults continue to no avail.  Don't exhale too forcefully.  For many sway within the seas of confusion, discussion, and division.  

I don't want to feed into the dark rhetoric that is the stuff of nightmares and the driving hints of some MSM outlets, but I cannot help but to see a picture forming that should not be.  I wrote over at Lucid about the Kagan hearings and the timing of the confirmation as it will arrive alongside, or shortly ahead, of the hearings over Arizona's Immigration Law.  Word broke recently that the president's immigration legislation is soon to face Mass Exodus ... the Parting of the Congressional Sea ... the proposal is sure to be cut, hacked, essentially slaughtered to the point that it no longer resembles even the intent of the original thoughts put to paper ... all b/c those who have been elected to office have too many allegiances that do not agree or travel the same moral highway ... as a result, there will be no agreement, plenty of loud conversations and intense arguments ... and the death of a proposal.  All in the absence of a Burning Bush.

Healthcare was nothing compared to the conversations soon to be birthed from the contested womb of the weighty argument over who is worthy and who is not ... who is legal ... who is not ... who is undocumented ... and who has the moral clout to sit upon high and cast judgment upon those whom he does not know ... and I am not talking about going to church on Sunday either ... though I guess it would fit.  Same difference, just no plate being passed for money... only papers.  

In its place, an executive order will probably be penned to bridge the gap, appease the majority, and pave the way for further demonstration, dissent, discussion, and division ... though not necessarily in that order.  Whatever the case, I believe that mass amnesty will be granted and the aftermath will serve to create a new era.  Of what, not sure, but it is guaranteed to be a helluva ride.  Allegiances continue to narrow.  

The scenery backdrop continues to shift ... as a chameleon as he wanders aimlessly through a multicolored, multi-textured environment ... full of gullies, rocks, cliffs, meadows, and unforgiving deserts. 

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