Thursday, June 17, 2010

Watched parts of the rehearsed, robotic drilling (no pun intended) of BP's chief Tony Hayward. Just interesting to see the reaction of the representatives, etc ... How they handled the opportunity to have the Mascot of the Nation's Ire before them for questioning.  Everyone knows that it was nothing more than a momentary sideshow.  Does anyone REALLY believe that anything will come of the hearings.  Maybe I am wrong.  I hope so.  But Hayward's answers were nothing short of mind-numbing-stubborness (but his job probably depended on it ... can't give up an estimated 6 million dollar salary for one glimmer of straightforwardness that could potentially cost the company his salary AND holiday pay indefinitely for many years to come) that would have the prolonged effect of producing immense waves of further outrage in those who are watching this situation unfold.

Was amazed at Hayward's composure.  He had to have rehearsed for hours to maintain that flat affect. Despite the horrendous nature of this catastrophe, the scope of this situation goes beyond Hayward and everyone knows it.  He shouldn't have been up there alone.  They should have lined all of them up, everyone who possessed enough clout to be included in the meeting with the president should have been up front and center today on Capital Hill.  Guess we have to wait for Part Two.  But, of course, to truly hold all those who were involved accountable would mean wrangling up more than those associated with BP, but we can't rock the boat.  Everyone's attention is focused sharply ... BP it is.  Later ...

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