Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"We care about the small people," said Svanberg.  Now, now ... tell us how you REALLY feel!

Are you serious??!!?? Yep.  There you have it people.   

Care continue your chanting.  Can you honestly say with a straight face that you condone the despicable actions of these filthy Corporate Swine, the chairman of BP who so eloquently allowed the American people a brief glimpse into his gold-plated psyche??? And then there were the testimonies of his fellow oil drilling cronies who candidly admitted that they possessed no feasible clean up plans if they happen to find themselves in the same unfortunate circumstances.

And, yet, the people Tweet on ... can you throw a tantrum on twitter??? Confine the stamping of pissed off feet, pouting and quivering lips, and irate rhetoric to ... what, 140 characters???? Guess not.  So we continue to be inundated with the all-to-familiar R vs D, blah, blah, blah ... back and forth about slowed, inadequate reactions ... the uselessness of boycotts ... etc .... Yep, let's continue the arguing ... meanwhile, the corporate Swine who brought about this disaster via their cost-cutting methods is held accountable through two minute soundbites recorded before they board their corporate jet in time for onboard-caviar-snack-time as they fly back over the pond to fall into their easy chairs with a heavy sigh as they flip the remote to find the news channel carrying their lame, superficial statements all the time wondering if the camera framed their most flattering angle.  And America's addiction has enough of a stronghold that the majority of people feel compelled to argue that they MUST have their OIL ... God forbid they are asked to make a real sacrifice or act on their convictions by taking actions like, oh, I dunno, parking their SUVs and walking or biking to work???  Or taking some other creative approach to curbing their enthusiastic support for the further ravaging of our delicate environment? Course, this is all assuming that the immediate-gratification personality has room to accommodate a leaning towards social consciousness ... a genuine leaning.

I know, I ask too much.  But consider this.  We are Guests.  We cannot conquer Nature.  As much as an affliction as we've become, the earth will find a way to purge Herself of the parasite that is continuously ravaging Her taking precious resources as a means of fueling further destruction without giving anything back other than more plastic, pollutants, etc ...  But as the Late, Great Carlin once said, maybe that is our purpose ... to make plastic??? Whatever the case, I don't understand the logic behind such selfish behaviors without any regard for consequences or the slightest glance at the big picture.  People are jumping up and down about the federal deficit the American government continues to build and the irresponsible passage of this debt onto future generations, but have they stopped to consider that MAYBE the debt will be the least of their worries??? How do they feel about leaving their children and grandchildren with an environment that isn't even fit to be inhabited??? 

But then, I guess the Small People aren't supposed to have such long-range, complex thoughts ... after all ... those with the money, those who hold the power will make sure that they are looked after ... taken care of ... given what they need to survive.  Least that is what those who control the strings would like the people to believe.  And the public is eating it up like candy.  

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