Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Moment's Thoughts ... Minor Distractions

It would seem that the whole world is going to Hell ... @ least to the casual observer.  

I think that those who religiously adhere to the Gospel dispelled by the MSM need an intervention. Each generation supposedly believes that they had it worse than subsequent ones ... not sure about that, I can only speak as a part of this one ... and YES it would appear that things are going South quite quickly. But let's take a moment and examine where the attention of the "masses'" is focused.

Random headlines from the MSM:

The Oil Spill Still Gushes:  Alright, so they FINALLY found a cap that would "fit", but oil is STILL escaping and poisoning our waters, killing wildlife, and devastating entire communities. If it is still leaking, it is still gushing.  One drop of the toxic filth is one drop too many.  But, HEY!, it's alright!  BP is working to clean up its image ... spending how much on a PR campaign??? Shouldn't that money be going to help fund the clean-up and compensation efforts of the major F*&% UP????? Just sayin'.  Coverage is still heartbreaking to watch ... and the worst part of it all??? Just like Katrina, Haiti, and most recently the Flotilla Massacre, this too shall pass silently into the abyss in the company of other tragedies that have exhausted their 15 minutes.  The "newness" will wear off and there may be a snippit here or there in the average newscast to offer a well crafted "UPDATE" on the situation ... and that will be all.  So much for IN DEPTH coverage.  NO ONE'S pockets are deep enough to fund that kind of venture ... what were you thinking????  Once you learn that it all comes down to photo-ops, politics, and the other related filthy ilk the disappointment you feel may not sting so much ... maybe.  Anyone with any degree of social conscious is going to feel complete outrage and deep sense of helplessness and guilt regardless .... What better ingredients than those to spark some kind of action, reaction, or utterance to refocus attention to those things that matter most ...  Nothing big really ... just personal and moral responsibility to ourselves, one another, all living creatures, love, hope ... you know, all the things that DON'T boost profits, sell shares, or thrust a corporate agenda onto the shoulders of an unassuming public.  I bet if they made a commercial about valuable, good karmic principles, presented them in a fashionable, shiny manner and strategically placed them in valuable spots during prime time tv the glazed look of the average, trusting "public" might just crack for an instant ... a yearning for that which might actually contribute to filling that cold void that  until the present only had material goods, false promises and false hopes thrown at it but to no avail ... and, yet, we wonder why the ache lingers ... 

Comedy Central is out to "smear" or "get" Christians via its satirical and "offensive" portrayal of Jesus Christ:  Oh, and they "exalt" the Muslim faith ... The only question I have: What about the satirical commentary on the direct "In YOUR face" immediate issues we face as a society?? You know, all the taboo subjects that make most blush even though they KNOW there is a problem? Oh, that's right, push it to the side with the force of denial, cover it with the silky smooth judgment of the sinful ... and proceed to make snap judgments on things about which you know nothing ... and it is all OK b/c our faith tells us so.  

People raising Hell in NYC re: the proposed Mosque near Ground Zero:  Much ado about What?? All I will say is this, to negate or condemn the Muslim faith for the actions of a few radicals is insanity.  To condemn the entire faith b/c of a few fanatics is pure hypocrisy.  What about the nut-wing, gun-toten Christians who shoot up abortion clinics?  Don't care for that? Then let's humbly shuffle through history ... Inquisition, Burning Times, Crusades, Catholic vs. Protestant ... etc.  Thou should not cast stones ... For thy house is already shattered.

Immigration Reform:  Refer to Lucid.

Primary Races this coming Wk: Wouldn't be such a bad obsession if those who tout it would realize that just as all the other "shinies" dangling before the masses, this too shall pass with little to no impact on the overall picture.  Things are still screwed up and will continue to be so until people start to look at the overall picture.  Many a lesson could be learned from revisiting the Founding Documents. And just to give a heads-up, we ARE a Constitutional Republic ... NOT a democracy.  Look it up.

On more lighthearted notes ... wait ... wait ... I got it! .... Whoops, lost it. Wait ... Damn, lost it again. Gonna go look for some substitutes.  Back later.

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