Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All or Nothing

People never cease to amaze.  The news of BP's alleged cutting corners, sacrificing safety for the sake of making more money ... and the jaws dropped.  HUH??  Are you serious?  This is NEWS?  I thought it was a foregone conclusion.  But then, knowing it and actually hearing it kind of drives the point home, so to speak.

There is outrage.  And as I have said before, all those responsible for this horrific disaster should carry the full weight of responsibility for however long it takes to make it right.  Period.  But we all know that no matter what is said now, the true impact of things is yet to come.  

There are still those who are croaking about drilling ... cringing at the possibility of an indefinite moratorium.  This has been a long time coming, had to wait for the perfect opportunity ... and here we are.  And what is the reaction ... MORE TALKING ... about the WRONG things.  Amazing.  But then, I guess I shouldn't be amazed ... people don't care about what goes on unless it touches them personally ... and threatening the Gravy Train of Big Oil and the ever-so-precious sensations that immediate gratification brings are construed as fighting words.  As I mentioned in my posting at Lucid, re: the immigration production, allegiances are narrowing.  A closer reflection of one's convictions is in order ... 

Anyway, just a moment's musings.  More to come later.  Until then ....

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