Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Moment's Venting:  It has only been ... what 40-some days and BP just announced TODAY that it will strengthen its efforts to get this Crisis under control.  Not only is the situation totally heartbreaking, but, as many others, I am truly appalled at their arrogant display.  [I couldn't care less about the Biggie-Wigs involved ... They deserve to carry the FULL weight of this Crisis upon their shoulders for however long it takes. My concern, heartbreak, and thoughts are with the animals that didn't ask for any of this.  "Freakin' humans are at it again. They don't appreciate ANYTHING ... And WE have to SUFFER."] 

And the head Biggie-Wigs of BP suggest with straight faces and metallic voices that ratio of oil gushing ... poisoning our waters is relatively small in comparison to [WHAT???] ...  Like a spoiled toddler stomping his foot, they cry, "NO! NO! NO! ... We WON'T stop using dispersive chemicals ... " They don't care that it is devastating to the environment, THEY ARE LOSING MONEY ... And those who tuck them into bed ... reading them stories of Big Corporations living Greedily-Ever-After ... allow them to get away with their tantrums ... Like a parent cowering in line at the grocery... buying their kid the candy bar just to shut him up ... Easier than showing authority and teaching Respect or Responsibility.  

Thou mustn't show disrespect for he who can scream loudest ... He with the loudest cry and determined foot shall win through sloughing his responsibility onto others as he clutches the Almighty Dollar ... and steps on those who brace the pedestal with shaking hands, averted eyes and shoulders that slouch beneath the undeserved weight he has thrust upon them.

I wonder if the Big Oil Cronies and the likes of Palin and ALL their supporters will continue to chant "Drill Baby Drill" in the wake of this horrifying disaster??? Probably, after they get off their knees ... and stop their pleading.  The moratorium will, more than likely, be lifted ... at least for the moment.  The chorus of supporters will reluctantly stop their bitching and all will return to business as usual.  Rape, pillage, plunder ... destroy.   

No regard for the gift of Nature ... no thought to the effects of their actions ... Immediate Gratification or Bust ... Until the dust settles.

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  1. I don't wanna...I don't wanna...WAAAAAAAA!!!!!! you can't make me!!!!WAAAAAAAAA!!!!